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Open Letter to Mitt Romney

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
From FallacyReports.com @FallacyReports

June 11, 2016
Dear Mitt,
You are a wonderful man, raised a fantastic family, and have great integrity. Our great great grandparents and great grandfathers crossed the plains together in the same wagon company (in 1857). My family and yours were there for each other. I’m disappointed in your disloyalty to our GOP “family.” Actually it may help elect Trump by widening the divide between the regular GOP folks and the “progressive” establishment elitist GOP types, so I guess thanks are in order.

I’ve studied your platform and you align in the 80+ percentile with Trump’s. So what’s your problem? Jealousy? Envy? I understand you don’t like Trump and disagree with his methods and rhetoric. When folks complained to Abe Lincoln about General Grant’s drinking, he responded that he would like to send a barrel of the same brand to all the generals. It’s about results. The issue is simple, Trump figured out what it takes to get someone who believes in the issues you do elected. Two times you ran and did not get elected.

Trump was there for you both times; when you let us all down.

What arrogance – you, giving advice to the 2016 failed GOP candidates – like you know how to win a presidential campaign. I pointed out to some of your closest friends (in both 2008 and again in 2012) that you had surrounded yourself with politically ignorant and incompetent people. It appears now that you attracted them to you. People who don’t have a clue about what the “Joe the Plumbers” (who BTW endorsed Trump) of the country are thinking and feeling.

Mitt, “trickle down racism..” What? – the judge in question belongs to a group of Hispanic (only) lawyers with the words “La Raza” (aka “the race”) in their name, what could be more racist, than that? BTW, Don King has endorsed Trump and so have Diamond & Silk, and Stacey Dash.

Romney’s slip of the tongue, “...America deserves your “white” [a, I mean] “right” choices...” You belong to a Church that until 1978 denied blacks the priesthood. A Church that engaged in polygamy, your father was born in Mexico, because his grandfather was a polygamist.

Mitt, “...marijuana makes people stupid...” -- you mean stupid like taking a road trip with a dog in a kennel strapped to the top of the car.

Apparently like father like son. Your dad was a serious contender for president in 1968, until he admitted having been “brainwashed” about the Vietnam war. Lesson I learned long ago, “a closed mouth gathers no feet.” Too late now, Mitt you’ve already bested your dad (a great man by the way).

You could have been a real player in the Trump White House made a huge contribution, create millions of jobs, cut tons of waste, blown away reams of burdensome regulations. Instead what? You’re going to sit it out? Wait for a better opportunity to do something for the country. In the immortal words of Roy Orbison, “...It's over, It's over, It's over.”

A NO vote for Trump is a YES vote for Hillary.

Mitt don’t you get it? If Hillary were to win she, and the Democrats (the party of slavery), will open the borders and give amnesty (aka Democrat Party registration) to everyone currently illegally in the country. Creating so many Democrats that the country will be a Democrat monarchy for decades. Then what? You’re going to ride in on your dad’s white Rambler and save the day.

We have a real opportunity to turn this economy around and create millions of jobs; shut down the plague surging across our borders; and even fix the disastrous curse of Obamacare. But noooo, you have to go off in a corner and pout.

Mitt, this is why you are not now, and never will be, presidential. You just do not get it. You do not understand what the job of the President is about.

Look at the people with whom you now share a bed, the #NeverTrump, #AntiTrump.
It sickens me to see you doing the bidding for the power elitists, aka the establishment.
They didn’t even invite you to the Bilderberg meet, why do you continue to defend these establishment goons?

*Pro-TRUMP -AntiEstablishment
Workers, Business Owners, etc.
Romney’s Issues same as Trump’s
**Anti-TRUMP -Establishment & Including:
Thugs, Drones, & Anarchists
Mitt Romney’s new Constituents
Pro-Trump - Supporters
Fed up with:
Political correctness
Illegal immigration
Massive unemployment
Phony ‘official’ unemployment
Phony inflation figures
Welfare waste and fraud
VA waiting lists
Michelle Obama's vacations
Valerie Jarrett
‘Holiday trees’
Global warming nonsense
Cop killers
Gun confiscation threats
Stagnant wages
Chevy Volts
To name just a few

Mothers having to cover children’s ears to avoid profanity from anti-Trump protesters.
Anti-Trump – Trump Haters
“F...” Trump, “F...” the police
Black Lives Matter
Outrageous behavior
Shouting, screaming
Disrupting the meeting
Denying free speech (“60% of his speech was disrupted)
Trespassers (private event not invited)
Flipping people off (including children)
Unstable actions
“Most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen”
“Most of them are African Americans acting a fool” AZ Police Officer**
Hateful slurs
Racist slurs
Think I’m making this up watch this video
---warning foul language & gestures
Anti-Trump Demonstrators Video***

Warmest Regards,

// Hap Cluff,
Former Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Former Mayor
Former White House Staff
U.S. Army Vet
Community Volunteer & Bishop


*Don Fredrick 11Dec15, Who Is Donald Trump in ThePost&Email
**Police officer Brandon Tatum from Tucson AZ, who just happens to be African American and not a Trump supporter. Police Officer Attends Trump Rally
*** https://www.facebook.com/libtardmedia/videos/1685059818378035/

Mitt Romney, “...Trumpism has become associated with racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence.” Source, Independent Journal,19 March 2016. Based on results – this perfectly describes the Anti-Trump crowd; these are NOT Trump supporters’ attributes.
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